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where to begin Get started

Website of Zerogreen is quite clear and intuitive. We have tried to do our best to ensure that you won't have problems when using it. There are few steps separate you from profit!

  • Register an account

    Register an account to start making money with Zerogreen, send a deposit and get daily accruals. Just fill out the short registration form. We do not ask you to send documents or share your real name. Our cooperation is fully anonymous. If you need to register another account, feel free to do so but please don't use your affiliate link when registering.

  • Make deposit

    To make a Deposit, you must log in to your personal account. Do this after registration and use the function to make a Deposit in your account, the account has enough payment systems that will suit many investors. Start earning with this year's most fun project Zerogreen today.

  • Get profit

    Receive daily profit, every 24 hours from the moment when deposit added. If you have two and more deposits (actually you can have a lot of them at the same time) just remember that each one has own term of accrual.

  • Withdrawal requests

    Once you have collected a certain amount on your account balance, you can make a withdrawal request. The minimum amount is $ 1 (cryptocurrency and credit card have their own withdrawal conditions, see FAQ). All withdrawal requests are processed up to 72 hours - manually. You can shoot as many times a day as you need, we have no restrictions on this issue.